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“I was blessed to visit this gym when I came to town. It is definitely one of the most well-run and well-rounded gyms I have ever been to anywhere in the country.” – Vencent Van-zant Hickerson‎ (Big Vinny from the band, Trailor Choir)

Gabe Buch and Laurie Wild, Q94 Radio, Get Fit with Suppz Gym

Follow Gabe Buch and Laurie Wild, Q94 Radio, Prairie du Chien, on their Get Fit Journey with Suppz Gym.

“I just wanna say how AWESOME Deidre is. I don’t give props to people too much, but she is just an awesome person. What makes all of this easier, is that I can tell she is really into it and supportive. She genuinely cares. There’s nothing fake about her. Her support has just made my passion to lose weight and get healthy that much more heightened. I actually WANT to go to the gym. I know it’ll have it’s up and downs, but we are off to a great start.” – Gabe Buch

“I have belonged to a few different gyms in my life including a college town and some bigger chains. So, I have been in and out of workout mode for quite awhile…with not many changes to my body, energy level or emotional state. I started running a few years ago and started to see some things changes (emotion and body), but I wanted more…I wanted to get back into a gym. Since my past experiences weren’t huge motivators, I didn’t do much about it. I didn’t want to “waste” any “extra” money I had. After living in Fennimore for a few years, I had a chance to get to know the owners and many others who either work at or work out at the gym. So, I decided to go for it. There was so many positive things floating around, what could it hurt? Maybe it is because I do have a personal connection with some staff? Maybe it is because Fennimore is a small town? But this gym is different! The blogs, facebook posts, people…they all are positive! I am greeted when I walk in, there is laughter, joking, motivation… REAL PEOPLE!!! For me, that is huge! I want that personal connection and it makes me want to be there, to work harder and to learn more about health. It really is motivating! When I decided I really really wanted to see and feel changes, I got a personal trainer…and wow… She is great too! Finally, I am seeing changes in each area of my life and I am motivated. I am looking forward to training for something… I haven’t decided for sure what that will be, but I know I can get the help and motivation from the people at Suppz Gym. I absolutely love all that Suppz Gym has to offer! Thank you to everyone who makes this a great place to work out!” – Kim A.

“I have a lot to be thankful for in my life. Having a 24 hour gym in my hometown is one of them. I’ve been exercising at the gym since the day they opened and have achieved more than I ever dreamed I would. With the help of a personal trainer I now have muscles! And I have participated in events that I never thought were possible for me! I’m thankful for the extra motivation the staff gives me when I walk through the door! You too can achieve your dreams.”  – Megan W

“My journey started in 1995. My jeans didn’t fit anymore and getting a new pair meant I would be looking at a size 24. So I decided to give up soda because my friend had lost 10 pounds doing this. I lost 15 pounds that month so then I was like, if I start walking I could maybe lose 20 pounds. I discovered that if I ate healthy and continued to walk that I would be able to lose more weight. At 5 months I had lost 8o pounds, but also hit a plateau and had many weeks with no weight loss. I bought dumb bells, exercise ball, ankle weights, and a treadmill. The exercise ball became a toy for the dog and the treadmill was now a coat rack. I decided that even if I had to drive to town every day I was going to get healthy and take off the rest of the weight, so I joined the fitness center. I set small goals. The first challenge was going to be walking in the front door with all the skinny people. After I got there I realized that not everyone was skinny Minnie and I was normal. The staff at Fennimore Fitness is really good about giving you a tour and showing you how to utilize the equipment. I worked really hard at the fitness Center and lost another 70 pounds for a total loss of 151 pounds. I would not have been able to tone up and loose the rest of the weigh without the fitness center’s help. Fennimore Fitness wanted to sponsor me in 2009 to run a half marathon and I was like..maybe you should pick someone younger and in better shape. With some coaching from their staff I eventually accepted the challenge. I finished and have ran 4 half marathons and one full marathon to date. Brent and Mary Sheckler are amazing people and we are blessed to have such an awesome facility to stay challenged and healthy. Anyone who says they can’t needs to just commit to walking in that door a couple times a week and if you say you don’t have time….the fitness center is a 24 hour accessible gym.”  – Lesa N

“The Suppz Gyms have played a big part in my weight loss success and the ability to keep that weight off.  I’ve watched the one small gym build into a bigger gym, then two, then three and now four!  The fact that I have access to 4 gyms within a 30 mile radius is awesome!  Each gym has its own special uniqueness, so each gym is my favorite for different reasons!   They all have the highest quality equipment you will find in any gym you compare them to, anywhere.  Each gym has the most up-to-date equipment, from the treadmills, bikes and ellipticals, to top-of-the-line weight machines and free weights.  There are also many interesting pieces of equipment like weighted bars, steppers, kettlebells, bosu balls, regular balls and the list goes on!  If you are a person who likes to exercise with others, there are many classes available at each gym, with a wide range of difficulty levels; if you need to hire someone to “whip you into shape”, they have wonderful personal trainers available that can work around your schedule.  We are lucky to have four gyms within our reach any given moment!  Just think, no matter which gym is your “home” gym, you have three others you can use and be there in the time frame people in big cities drive to their one!  I am extremely blessed to have these gyms, as this is the key to staying fit for life!” – Lisa L

Working out and staying in shape is made easy at Prairie Fitness.  They are open 24 hours a day so there is never a time when you can’t get a workout in and there are showers as well so you can go over your lunch hour and then return to work.  There are plenty of cardio machines – I have never had to wait to get a workout in!  They also have free weights and machines to assist you with any lifting exercise that you desire.  Last, but certainly not least, they offer classes like spinning which are instructor led to ensure that you get a great workout in.

Best of all, the trainers and staff are attentive, knowledgeable, respectful, and helpful.  For the members that regularly go to the fitness center, it becomes like a little family/support group between the staff and members with people checking up on you when you don’t show up and encouraging you to push yourself when you are there.  —  Michael D Higgins, Jr